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Thermally Broken is a term which relates to the window or door frame, which is equally as important, if not more as the glass. The frame of a window has a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of any window and door including that of a double glazed system. While double glazing is seen as a benchmark for energy efficiency, to use double glazing with a standard aluminium frame is only serving half way to having a high performing energy efficient window. Double Glazing is to glass what thermally broken is to aluminium windows.The most energy efficient windows result from a combination of both an insulated frame and the right glass to achieve superior energy performance. Thermally Broken windows will not only save you money on the energy bills but they can also play a significant role in improving the overall comfort of your home. 

  Aluminium windows are constructed a bit different nowadays than they were in the past. Traditionally, they could only be made in one piece, which had a negative impact on the thermal efficiency of the window. This is because metals tend to conduct heat well, meaning more of it is able to escape out the home. However, some modern aluminium windows are now constructed in two parts and a polyamide thermal break has been added into the framing.
Aluminium windows are exceedingly thermally insulating, capable of achieving A+ energy ratings and have a u-value of 1.0 (W/m²K). A key benefit of the slimline frames in our aluminium windows is that they allow more natural light to enter your property. The extra light created, and the illusion of extra space will certainly be a pleasant surprise.

This also guarantees you a wider view of the outside as well as providing a stunning appearance to your property from the outside. Heat is kept inside your property due to a special polyamide thermal barrier whilst the cold is kept outside due to a draught-free design. You can therefore expect to save significantly on your energy bills with aluminium window’s thermal abilities whilst keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to the thermally conductive barriers in our aluminium

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