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  • Casement windows are the most popular of the window styles. They’re extremely versatile, open outwards and can be hung on both sides, depending on individual requirements.Window glazing is held in place against the frame by a small strip known as a ‘bead’. The ‘bead’, runs along each edge of the window sash. it is provided internally for security risk in homes.
  • casement windows uses friction stays which is concealed between the window frames and can be an important safety and security measure. 
  • casement windows uses both single & multipoint lock system. multipoint lock system is used to secure the window at a number of points around the frame, making it more difficult for potential intruders to find a weak point they can exploit to gain entry. Multi-point locks are engaged and disengaged via an espag window handle, which most modern windows are fitted with. 
  • All our Window frames are in 2.5mm thickness

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