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Unplasticised poly vinyl chloride (UPVC) also commonly known as rigid PVC is used extensively in the building industry due to its durability and cost-efficient attributes. The combination of a product derived from and produced using very minimal energy, makes UPVC the eco-friendly choice in the building industry. All our UPVC windows & doors are fabricated from only Lead Free Vestal UPVC profiles. Lead free profiles helps in better health of the customer & also the workers involved in the fabrication process as it avoids any traces of dangerous lead which is commonly found in cheaper alternatives.


  • UPVC insulated window frames are specifically designed to incorporate insulated double glazing easily into the window frames.
  • Vestal Lead Free Anti –UV UPVC needs virtually no maintenance and has a long life span
  • Vestal Lead Free ANTI –UV UPVC is engineered to handle severe weather
  • UPVC has 57% salt content so is ideal in coastal areas
  • Fusion welded construction eliminates drafts and water leaks in the window & doors.
  • Various glass combinations, combined with the UPVC frame significantly reduce outside noise in the room.
All standard methods of opening are available, in plain glass or with Federation or Colonial bars. As better quality windows are always custom measured and made, off-square, triangular and arced variations can be made to flow with the shape of the building. There is no such thing as a standard size.

Taking into consideration the tropical hot & HUMID CLIMATE of India, Vestal group seriously developed Vestal Anti-UV Lead Free co-extrusion profile in its profile factory. It completely solves the aging and fading problem caused by the normal whiteUPVC profiles under high intensity UV light and fills theblank of the industry in India. Due to the high density of titanium di oxide of co-extrusion layer and Vestal specific disperse technique. It is 2.5 times higher than normal profiles, thus resulted in apparently better absorbility of UV light by the surface than other similar products.

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