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  • UPVC Heavy duty Sliding Doors comes with three track frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. The Sliding Doors are provided with high strength sash profile which is slightly raised above the track for smooth slide. Sliding doors are ideal for homes that require space-economy also helping you feel extra safe with security features like multipoint locking system. 
  • They are usually called as stacker as they are stacked to the corner of the door on either side. they provide us with 67% opening to the door.
    • Compact functionality
    • Ease of operation
    • Option of an exterior screen
    • Significant ventilation
    • Wide views
    • Great for use in wide spaces
    • Durability
    • Works best in areas that open to a deck or patio because the window doesn’t protrude into the outside living area
    • Great for sunrooms where large operable windows are desired
    • Popular in areas with limited space or exterior walkways or living spaces close to the window. 
  • They are used in high rise building where it can withstand high wind pressure.

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